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Ron McCallum has flown thousands of flight hours as pilot in command and has over twenty-four years of experience as a pilot instructor, charter captain, chief pilot and holds an Airline Transport Permit. He has every airman rating offered from the FAA for fixed wing aircraft and has experience any many different models of rotary wing aircraft.

He has served as a leading expert in the southwest on many different aviation matters including aircraft crash litigation, pilot standards of care, maintenance standards of care, Federal Aviation Regulation enforcement issues and human factors.Mr. McCallum is often featured on local and national news outlets as an expert when aviation matters are in the spotlight.

Experienced aircraft accident lawyers understand that successful results require a working knowledge of aircraft and flight maneuvers. Who better to understand this than an actual pilot that's also your lawyer.

Insurance coverage can be a problem as well. In many cases, the pilot carries more liability insurance on his or her own car than he or she did on the airplane or helicopter that crashed. In fact, general aviation pilots might carry no liability insurance at all.

Similarly aircraft mechanics may also carry little or no insurance. To learn how you can pursue and recover damages for injuries or fatalities in a small plane crash despite these obstacles, contact an experienced attorney at McCallum and Associates, PLLC.

Our goal is to get the maximum compensation possible from any negligent defendant determined to be accountable.

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With aircraft accident litigation experience dating back to the early 1990s, Ron McCallum’s aviation experience, private library, case files and technical databases by themselves represent a litigation resource that can't be matched. The keys to success in a future case might well be found in our own records of litigation involving flight schools, local airports, aircraft maintenance companies, aftermarket component suppliers or others whose negligence may have played a role in a recent accident.

To learn more about our ability to protect the value of personal injury or wrongful death claims resulting from small plane crashes nationwide, contact my firm for a free consultation.

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